Feb 18, 2022

Dear Parishioners of Machida Church

     And its Baptism Applicants   

Fr. Masato Hayashi

Parish Priest

Machida Church

Re: Re-opening of Mass

   I am glad to advise you that we will re-open all Masses beginning Saturday, Feb 19 (18:30) and Sunday, Feb 20 (7:30 and 10:30) after having confirmed no infection or deemed positive with the omicron variant among parishioners of Machida Church since the suspension of Masses on Feb 12 and 13. The general parishioner meeting after 10:30 Mass on Feb 20 will be held as scheduled.


   I will ask you again that : -

   You will check you temperature before leaving home, and cleans your hands frequently with alcoholic sanitizer in Church. If you have a smallest fear for your  condition, please stay at home and pray there. (The obligation to attend Sat/Sun Mass is dispensed during the corona infection by Tokyo Archbishop, Tarcisius Isao Kikuchi.)

Please do not fail to wear a mask in Church. If you feel dry on your throat and unable to stop coughing during Mass, you can drink outside the chapel a bottled drink you bring with.   

   Please reassure yourself about present condition and re-confirm infection prevent measures again.


   Thanks for your constant cooperation.