Aug 15, 2021

Ref:  Jishuku (Self-restraint) of Public Masses of Machida Church in Aug 2021.

Masato Hayashi Parish Priest Machida Church

Dear Parishioners and Baptism Applicants of Machida Church

   Following the statement of Tarcisius Isao Kikuchi of Tokyo Archbishop  Aug 14, 2021, concerning the Jishuku (Self-restraint) of Public Masses, Machida Catholic Church, parish of Archdiocese of Tokyo, has decided to refrain from Public Masses for the time being. Fathers and the operating committee of the church have ruled the Jishuku period and parish activities as follows;

1.      The period shall be from Aug 26 (Mon) to Sept 12 (Sun) and Masses to be suspended are at 18:30 on Saturday, 07:30 and 10:30 on Sunday and 10:00 on Friday.

   There is an everyday Mass without congregation, and the request of tribute in the Mass is available through the church office. The Jishuku period may be extended and the decision, whether or not extended, will be made known by Tokyo Archdiocese no later than Sept 5 (Sun). Machida Church will announce its decision on the same day or later. 

2.      Holding an important meeting is permissible under the condition of gsmall attendantsh, gwell ventilatedh and gwithin one hourh.

    Needless to say, forcing those who fear going out to attend a meeting is not acceptable.

3.       All classes are scheduled as follows;

EBiblical Class (Fri after 10:00 Mass) is closed during the Jishuku period.

EIntroductory Class (Sat 10:00) will resume on Sept 4 under the condition stated in g2h.

@ESecond Study Session for the Confirmation Rite ( Sept 4((Sat)) 17:00 and Sept 5 ((Sun)) 11:30) will be held under the condition stated in g2h.

  EPreparation Class for the First Eucharist (Sat 14:00) will commence on Sept 4 (Sat) as scheduled.

    Zoom schooling might be utilized together with normal meeting face-to-face class  for Study Session for the Confirmation Rite and Preparation Class for the First Eucharist. Those attendants of the Session and Class who fear going out please report to Fr. M. Hayashi.

4.      Church opens 8:00 ~ 18:00, and Eucharist visiting is possible during the Jishuku period, however, please limit your stay in the chapel for g15 minutesh. Those who wish to receive the Holy Communion please call Fr. M. Hayashi on the intercom.  (Please bear in mind that Fr. M. Hayashi is not always in.)

    If anybody else is/are in Church, please do not forget to practice social distancing. Chapel might be very hot in summer, so, please cool down yourself by, for example, turning on the electric fan.

5.      Others

E    Those who wish to receive the Sacrament of Penance please call up Father for an appointment.

E    Funeral with small attendance in Church is possible during the Jishuku period. Please contact Church Office if you happen to have your beloved family member returning to heaven.   

E    Wedding, infant baptism etc. are basically not possible during the Jishuku period.


   We are sorry to say that we should suspend Public Masses as an explosive spread of infection is seen in the growing the number of the patients, although we have kept Public Masses, by grouping the congregation though, since 4-month-long suspension last year. And now, we wish everyone to cooperate in the prevention efforts and go through the Jishuku period as planned.


   May the blessing of God be upon you all of Machida Catholic Church community.


August 15, 2021

On the Assumption Day of Virgin Mary