To all Parishoners of the Machida Church, as well as to all applicants for baptism and seekers
This is about mass time allocation for each regional block

For public masses that will resume on Saturday, June 20,
the mass dates and times for each regional block have been decided.

Please read the notes carefully and come to the Mass on the day of your block.
To Catholic Machida Church From Saturday, June 20th, public mass will be resumed for each regional block.
For the time being, we will use masses by regional block in order to restart masses while taking strict measures against corona virus.
Check the mass dates and times for each regional block and participate in one of the three masses.
The capacity of one mass is 60 people.
If you exceed the capacity, you cannot enter the cathedral.

You can enter the cathedral 30 minutes before the start of the mass.
Be sure to follow the instructions of the information desk inside the cathedral.
Be sure to take the temperature at home.
If you have a fever or cough, you cannot participate the mass.

Be sure to wear a mask in the church.
Disinfectant will be prepared at the entrance of the church, so disinfect your hands before entering.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but if you are elderly or have a basic illnesses, please continue praying at home.
Also, if you are worried about going out, please do not force yourself and pray at home.

For those who want to carry the Eucharist to fellow Parishioners at home, please bring a container (not a special container) in which you can put the Eucharist.
Church activities other than Sunday Mass will continue to be cancelled.
Please refrain from gathering (including eating and drinking) after the mass for the time being.
(You cannot use the public hall downstairs.)

June 14, 2020
Catholic Machida Church
Chief Priest Masato Hayashi & Steering Committee

Mass hours by area block

Schedule Participants
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jun.20,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block1,2,3
Jun.21,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block1,2,3
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jun.27,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block4,5
Jun.28,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block4,5
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jul.04,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block6-1,6-2
Jul.05,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block6-1,6-2
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jul.11,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block7,8,9
Jul.12,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block7,8,9
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jul.18,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block1,2,3
Jul.19,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block1,2,3
---------------- ------------- -------------
Jul.25,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block4,5
Jul.26,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block4,5
---------------- ------------- -------------
Aug.01,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block6-1,6-2
Aug.02,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block6-1,6-2
---------------- ------------- -------------
Aug.08,2020(Sat) 18:30 Block7,8,9
Aug.09,2020(Sun) 07:30,10:30 Block7,8,9

Block Information

Oyamamachi, KamiOyamadamachi, Shimo Oyamadamachi, Oyamada Sakuradai,
Aiharamachi, Tadao, Onojimachi, Zushimachi, Yabemachi,
Tokiwamachi, Tsurukawa, Hirohakama, Hirobakamamachi, Notsudamachi, Nougaya,
Shinkouji, Shinkoujimachi, Okuramachi, Kanai, Kanaimachi,
Yamazaki, Yamazakimachi, Yakushidai, Hommachida, Hachioji City, Inagi City,
Komae City, Tama City, Kawasaki City

Haramachida, Kogasaka, Minamioya, Nakamachi,
Kisomachi, Kisohigashi, Kisonishi, Asahimachi, Morino,
Negishi, Negishimachi,

Naruse, Narusedai, MinamiNaruse, NishiNaruse, Narusegaoka,
Higashitamagawagakuen, Miwamachi, Miwamidoriyama, Kanamori,
Tsukushino, MinamiTsukushino, Ogawa, Tsuruma, MinamiMachida,
Yokohama City Aoba Ward, Yokohama City Midori Ward,
And Person who does not belong to any block

Entire Kanagawa Prefecture
except Kawasaki City, Aoba Ward, Yokohama City and Midori Ward, Yokohama City
(Sagamihara City)