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About the present method of mass at Machida Church

★Before the start of Mass
〇 Do not fail to check your body temperature at home.
 If you have fever or cough symptoms, please refrain from coming to the church.
〇 Do not forget to wear a mask in the church and please sanitize your hands before entering the cathedral.
〇 Sit on the tape marks inside the cathedral (the guide will show you).
〇 First and second Bible readers will be selected from among those who attend the Mass.
〇 The capacity inside the cathedral is 60 people ,
 If more people come, they may not enter the cathedral.
 Please be aware.

★ Mass donation
〇 Donation bag does not rotate during the mass.
 A donation box is installed at the entrance of the Cathedral , so please put it there.
〇 If you are concerned about your hands being contaminated due to your donation , please sanitize your hands after the donation.

★ During Mass
〇 Everyone, including priest will wear a mask.
〇 Don't sing the hymns. There's no organ playing.
 All masses proceed in the form of word - speaking manner.
 [Introit-traditional entrance prayers] [worship] [Mass Songs](Kyrie•Sanctus •Lamb of god. )] [ The proclamation of...] [Responsorial Psalm] [Alleluia]
〇 Theologian advocates the recitation of the communal prayers.
〇 Do not touch the hymn books.
〇 Greating of Peace omits the part where we exchange greetings individually.
 (Liturgically, “the Lord be with you and with your spirit “ only [greetings of peace ]is established.

★Holy Communion
〇 Please follow the instructions of the guide and always keep distance.
〇 Priests wear face shields.
〇 Please receive the Eucharist with your mask on and receive It by your palm, then move sideways and take off the mask to receive it.
 For the time being, you cannot directly accept it. If you want to carry the Holy Eucharist to your friend’s home, please line up with a container.

★After the Mass
〇 After the mass, the mass participants will disinfect the seat according to the instructions of the staff. 
 We would appreciate your cooperation.
〇 Please do not return the biblical and liturgical pamphlets you used during the Mass to the original shelf and make sure to take them home.

〇 A prayer in the memory of the deceased person will not be held in Sunday Mass.
 We pray in a private mass on weekdays so If you wish to mourn , please contact the priest.
〇 We will accept it on weekdays, so if you wish, please reserve the date and time with the priest.

〇 If you find out that you are infected with a new coronavirus,
  Please contact the church immediately.
   Catholic Machida Church Phone 042-722-4504

July 18, 2020
Chief Priest Hayashi Masato
   & Steering Committee.

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